Who’s most worried about retirement:
a) Baby boomers born in 1946 – 1964
b) Gen Xers born in 1965 - 1982
c) Millennials born in 1982 – 2004
Like me, you’re probably thinking the Baby boomers, seeing as their golden years are just around the corner. But according to a new Merrill Edge survey, Gen Xers actually feel the most angst—74% of them expect to stress over money once they’re retired.

It make sense, as Gen X'ers lost more money in the Great Recession than other generations because they were just moving into their peak earnings years. It's harder for Gen X to keep a job, harder to get a job, harder to save money.

Gen X also known as The Sandwich Generation, defined as have to support both a living parent age 65 or older and either raising a child under age 18 or supporting a grown child.

Due to that we need to own a lifetime of skills at our disposal. Use that skills whenever or however we wish so we can earn money, build enough saving and retire early.

The smarter Gen X has been known to save more by moving to smaller home, debt free, gaining more skills to earn more money from Home while working Full time.

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